WEATHERING: More of Lee Turner’s Techniques

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My most recent posting on Lee Turner’s use of filters for weathering has set a record for views. The techniques and modeling has sparked a great deal of interest by viewers.
In fact, there have been over 3,000 clicks on my blog for this one posting. It is record for my P48 Blog. I would like to thank Lee again for his superb skills and his wiliness to share with my readers.

RI reefer

The RI reefer was done with the brown wash which was wiped down when dry to leave the brown mostly in the seams between boards. A little darker wash, the new Model Master Acrylic black wash was used to highlight individual seams randomly. The nail heads are done using a brown fine tip Sharpie with a strip of masking tape for a guide. A little airbrush weathering with burnt umber finished it up.

The ATSF car was given an overall light coat of burnt umber which was streaked and manipulated after it was dry. Then some highlighting was done with the burnt umber on panel seams.
CBQ red
Lastly the CBQ car, the seams were highlighted by rubbing a dark brown pastel stick over the rivets and hitting it with dull coat. Then drybrushed with a med warm grey and streaked with Vallejo white wash mixed alternated with white acrylic craft paint. A little Mig productions concrete dust blended things together.
By the way, all of the freight cars shown in the last two postings are Protocraft 1/4″ scale brass imports. All of the cars are equipped with P48 Protocraft trucks and Protocraft AAR working couplers (the C&NW car had a pair of temporary trucks).
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