MODELING: Lee Turner’s Custom C&EI Equipment

CEI 1203

Lee Turner is back at it again.  He has created a custom roster of Chicago & Eastern Illinois equipment.   His client once worked for the railroad and wanted to have some professionally built quarter inch scale equipment.   The EMD F units came to Lee custom painted.  He added his weathering touch and did a little touch up on the paint job.

CEI 116

The client sent a Custom Brass RS-1 with a Klienschmidt custom drive.   Lee painted it black and added lettering and weathering to complete the model.

CEI caboose

The next project that Lee tackled was to scratchbuild two C&EI cabooses.   The railroad used old boxcars as a starting point for cabooses.  Both of Lee’s models were based upon boxcar conversions following the roads practices.   There is a challenge when a person decides to model railroad equipment for less popular road.  Finding decals is for specific models is nearly impossible.  Custom artwork and printing will fix the problem if you have the budget.  Lee’s client didn’t want to go that far.  It took a little study but Protocraft decals were adapted to letter the cabooses.   The resulting effort is impressive.  The cars have a great railroad feel to it.  You can almost smell the coal smoke from the stove.

CEI cabooses

As always, Lee has created some beautiful models.

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8 thoughts on “MODELING: Lee Turner’s Custom C&EI Equipment

  1. Wow, this really is incredible modeling & weathering. I’m very jealous. I’m learning weathering and so far have ‘spoiled’ two meticulously built (Intermountain) kits with way too much grime & dirt. When I’m looking at Lee’s work I have a looooong way to go. First I think I’ll have to dilute the paint a lot more than usual to create a ‘see through’ wash. Second it might be a good idea to follow a prototype rather than doing a free-lance dirt job… Hope Lee can give a few tips. Cheers, Fred

    • Fred
      I have published three articles on Lee Turner’s techniques. The first was on January 20 and the next two were on May 2nd and 6th.
      Lee uses water-based acrylics for weathering. He uses a product called “Mean Green” to remove excessive weathering.
      Model Masters, Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics are his favorites.
      It is best to only apply light coats of acrylics until you get the feel for it.
      Don’t expect to get it in 10 minutes.


      • Hi Gene, I’ve read them with great interest and admiration. One Q though: which Mean Green does he use? There are many versions of the product. From simple household cleaners to professional versions. Thanks.

  2. I have always enjoyed your site. Also love seeing the work Lee does. Do you have any idea where he got the decals for the RS-1?

    Thanks, Kevin B.

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