MODELING: Sweat the Details


Proto48 is all about sweating the details.  Not only do we strive to use the correct gauge and wheel contour but to accurately build and detail our models.  One modeler that exemplifies this concept is Robert Leners.  His models are beautiful to look at and to study to see how well the prototype was followed.  Robert has stopped building P48 models currently.  He is still active building On3 models.   I was fortune to receive one from Robert the model shown on this edition.  As you might remember, he was building a GARX Rock Island reefer.  I now have the model and intend to finish it after the move.


I took a few photos of his partially completed model.  What impressed me was how beautiful the Bettendorf underframe turned out.  This style of underframe has a single “I” beam center sill rather than the typical two beams.   The details are in the recreation of the crossbearers and the castings used to attach them to the center sill.   The craftsmanship is superb.

garx 1

garx 2

garx 3


Here is the prototype car that Robert was focused on building.

GARX 6780 l

One good thing about this reefer project is the Protocraft has the correct decal set.


The Rock Island GARX reefer has been a very popular model.  Al Kamm did a construction article in the Model Railroader.   Bob Hundman published an excellent plan and article on the prototype car in Mainline Modeler.

Happy Trails,



5 thoughts on “MODELING: Sweat the Details

  1. Gene, thanks for showing Robert Leners’ models and as Bill Yancey commented I am sure you will finish this car to Robert’s high standards.
    I also would like to thank and commend you for your blog’s model photography which is excellent. Moreover, your choice of views gives us newbies insight into construction techniques used by the hobby’s master builders and is most helpful. Your underframe closeups before and after priming were particularly instructive.
    Good luck with your move and I note from the news Arizona is having a heat wave. Better make sure the layout room has serious air conditioning.
    Bill Bear

    • Bill
      Robert does set a very high standard for all of us to achieve. He is a perfectionist. There are a few challenging details that Robert had not gotten around to building. One was the Klasing hand brake and the other are the Wine ice hatch hinges. Now they are my projects to do.
      It will be a challenge to cool my planned layout space.


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