Recently, Jim King of Smokey Mountain Model Works has revisited the ideal of making kits in 1/48th scale.  He did release two models several years back but was unimpressed with the response.  Jim decided to try to produce S Scale kits instead.

He has proposed a few different models in O scale.

SAL B7 pilot model unweathered 082114a (S) lo rez text

The first is a Seaboard Air Line turtleback steel boxcar.  SMMW has produced this in S already and was well received.  The prototype is rather unique in the style of roof and how it meets the side sheets.  In addition, the end is not your standard Dreadnaught style.  I believe this end has been called a “dartnaught”.  Notice that is missing the small darts between the ends of the large wales.   At any rate, it is different enough to catch a person’s eye on your railroad.

SAL B7 pilot model B end unweathered 082114 (S)lo rez text

Another candidate is a Burlington Road 50′ flat car.   The car is very similar to cars built for the GN, NP and SP&S.   I don’t know if there are differences but the car might work on all four roads with a few tweaks.

Jim is considering a couple non-operating switch stands that are currently available in S scale.   Another resin car suggested for production is a Southern low-side gondola.

Jim is hoping for orders of 60 units to consider production.  The models are produced in high quality resin and feature on piece bodies.   The kits will contain hardware and decals.

Production will depend upon you.  Please contact Jim King at Smokey Mountain Model Works.

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3 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCTS: Maybe

  1. I’ve built one of his FM locomotive kits in S scale for a friend, and it was a joy to assemble. Smokey Mountain Model Works gets my highest recommendation. I hope he produces the cars mentioned, but I really want his 44 and 70 tonners in O…

  2. I’ve often wondered if these small manufacturers could benefit from one of the crowd-funding platforms, like Kickstarter. You know, the first 60 funders get a kit. Perhaps you could even sell built up versions for a higher funding level.

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