MODELING: Last Run at Benton, WI


It is always sad to read when a railroad makes a final run.  In this case, the last run of C&NW 1400 at Benton, WI.   It is the final run of Robert’s standard gauge railroad.  He is moving on with his modeling interest.

Robert was kind enough to share a few pictures of his final efforts.

Benton leners back

This picture shows the north end of the depot and the runaround track.

benton leners track layout

Here is a shot of the yard taken a little further back from the depot.  Robert’s trees are interesting.  Maybe I can get a few words from Mr. Leners on his tree technique.

MEAN GREEN:20160706_182754_resized

I was wandering around in the Lowes store in Gilbert, AZ.  I spotted the magic potion for doing the Lee Turner’s weathering technique.  Mean Green is a biodegradable cleaner much like Simple Green but stronger.   I cleaned the garage door in our new house with it.  Next, I will use it on my next weathering project when I get back to Cali.

Happy Trails,


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