MODELING: Gone but not forgotten

The layout has been removed from my shop.   It has been sad work overlead shot sp the last week.  It took longer than planned since we have had home showings and a open house this past week.   Nearly everything is packed up.  My tools, parts and styrene are still accessible for a while.  That means I can still doing some building.

I was able to “donate” a lot of the lumber to a fellow modeler who is building his On3 West Side Lumber Company.

layout frame

At this point only the basic frame on one wall is left.   After two showings today, I was able to dismantle more of the framework.

layout gone

The last pieces came off this afternoon.  Now to fill the holes and think about painting the walls…or not.

This may be my only attempt to build a layout.  Time is not on my side.  My new home will not have the same amount of space so I probably won’t try building another one.  It was fun to learn new techniques for applying electrostatic grass and using real dirt for ground covering.

Happy Trails,



I did mention that the modeling stuff is still at hand so….I got to build something.

caboose frameNeed to build one of these to start the project.



scale frame

So I did a little cutting on styrene strip.  I still have to add the “steel” tie rods.  I have to build a steel centersill and bolsters when I can get some time.


Till next time.

13 thoughts on “MODELING: Gone but not forgotten

  1. Gene,

    It’s a shame to see that the layout is now history. What you had done on the layout looked fantastic.

    And “Thank you” for all of the lumber from your layout! It will be put to good use as I continue to build my West Side Lumber Company layout.

    I sure hope that you will have the time to stop by to see my layout before you permanently leave California for Arizona.

    Keep up the great work on all of the model building and this blog. It’s a joy to read and to see!


    Rod Souza

  2. Maybe start building a small layout in your new home and time will somehow increase on your side . . . John Stilgoe OSK #201

  3. Hi Gene:
    I sympathize with the painful process of tearing out a layout. I’ve done it many times myself in my quest to build the layout that’s “right for me” – and every time, I’ve had to invite friends over to have them take the first swing. As you know, a lot of time and energy (and money) is invested into a layout. It often feels like a wasted effort to tear one out. But as you note, you learned new techniques in the process. People often forget that that’s worth something.
    I look forward to continuing to follow your journey through this hobby via your blog. I’m sure you’ll do more.
    – Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)
    PS: Hey – maybe S scale would fit in your new space… 😉

  4. Gene,
    Like Trevor, John and Rod, I am sorry to see your layout being demolished. However, as you noted, it is fun to learn and apply new techniques-it keeps one young. Therefore I’m willing to bet you will build another in a desire to keep learning and to have a suitable showcase for your models. You have mastered model building and were well on the way to constructing a layout to your high standards.
    Best regards,
    Bill Bear
    PS keep up the blog.

      • That’s good news Gene. Even though I’m an N Scale modeler, there has been something to learn (and have fun as well!) from your blogs (the same with Trevor’s S scale Pt. Rowan).

        I too, am sorry to see your layout go, but, if it works out for you, I hope that there can be some sort of railroad for you once you get settled in your new digs.

        Take care!

        Brian Termunde

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