MODELING: Magic by Erik Lindgren

c&s crossing

Modeling railroading is about achieving realism.  It can take the form of prototype operation, accurate equipment or incredibly realistic scenes.   Erik Lindgren shows his mastery of the later.   He is able to compose a scene, get the right lighting and have the right amount of detail to set the scene.   The above shot is an example of what I am trying to write.  Erik built this module for photography outside and as part of a portable operating railroad.  He is one of a small group of O scale modelers who banded together to create a modest modular railroad.  The club layout depicts railroading in the 1950s in Colorado.   The Rio Grande, Colorado & Southern, Santa Fe, Union Pacific and maybe a dash of Rock Island are represented.

The rural crossing depicted in Erik’s photos is of a branchline on the C&S.  The locomotive shown is a Rio Grande C-48 consolidation.  The weathering and paint is very realistic. It could easily pass for the real thing.  I had to ask about the “barber pole” striped crossbuck.   It seems that the C&S was fond of this decoration.  I thought that the Northern Pacific had a corner on that market.

c&s crossing 1

For those of you who are familiar with Erik, he is an accomplished artist, photographer, modeler, collector and new father.  Needless to say, he is a busy guy.  Jimmy Booth tells me he is also from Iowa like Jimmy.   Thank you for sharing your work.

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