ADMINISTRATIVE: Another Year Gone Bye

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my blog.   This past year had 54,000+ clicks on my pages.  Down from the past which was 58,210 clicks.  It did have a record day total of 2364 views of a post on Lee Turner’s weathering.  Thank you for your support.


This next year will see some major changes in my environment.  We are moving to Gilbert, Arizona on 1 September or sooner.  Our home in California sold after 71 days on the market.   The new home will be smaller but will still allow for a smaller layout and workshop.   So the next year will be a new start on a shop, layout and some new projects.


Happy Trails,


5 thoughts on “ADMINISTRATIVE: Another Year Gone Bye

  1. Congratulations Gene, on your sale and move prospects. Too bad I sold my property years ago in Prescott Valley. Always delighted to see your blogs and fantastic pictures. Never seen anything to surpass the quality of the pictures! I have a couple of Protocraft box cars decorated by Lee. Keep those great blogs coming! The fact that the subject matter is P48 is all the more reason to love your pictures. Cars sitting on rails are especially interesting. All the best to you and yours,

    Ron Portzer

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