COMENTARY: Stuck in Lodi Again

Lodi arch HABS

Do you remember the old Creedence Clearwater Revival song about being stuck in Lodi again?  It sort of describes my frustration of having the sale of our home fall through.  So we are back showing it to potential buyers.  Uncertainty rules the day!

Aside from the tune’s negative suggestion that Lodi might be another “jerkwater” town in the middle of nowhere, Lodi is not that town. Creedence was not a fan of their wonderful wines and quaintness.  It is now an official appellation for their wine.  They produce a number of very fine Zinfandels.  The SP, Central California Traction and the WP once served this little town in the Central Valley of California.   There are a number of interesting industries that were once served by railroads.   I have liked a number of them.


 Well, I was fortunate not to have packed everything away.  My tools and parts are still there for me to use while waiting for the next buyer to come along.

My previous posting showed a couple X23s done by Lee Turner.   The cars arrived at their owner’s layout.   They belong to Norm Buckhart of Protocraft.   His layout features many custom decorated cars done by a number of modelers.

x23 at norms

Happy Trails,



10 thoughts on “COMENTARY: Stuck in Lodi Again

  1. My condolences Gene.

    As a Realtor losing a sale is hard, but it is even harder on the client. I lost a $450k cash deal a couple of weeks ago because the volunteer managed HOA failed in its responsibility to provide a two page form within the state mandated deadline – that hurt!

    Hang in there, it will happen again.

  2. Our first contract bellied up also-that was early June. We have since found the perfect buyers, closing is next week, and moving starts Aug 28th. The railroad may finally get out of the tunnel.
    Best with the move, and keep up the blog.
    Regards, Jesse

  3. That is an interesting track layout in the Lodi photo. Is that the SP doing the switching? And the sharp curves in the lower right corner look like maybe the traction?


  4. A (now deceased) pal of mine, Gene Martin, did a marvelous small layout of Downtown Lodi. Small way freights, plenty of switching.

    As for the wine, uhhh, it’s waaay too hot in Lodi to grow any grapes for anything but jug wine. But that doesn’t stop local vintners from buying grapes from much cooler places so they’ve got some good stuff to sell when you stop for a visit.

    • Dave
      I met Gene and corresponded with him for a while before he took ill.
      Gene’s HO Lodi scene showed his affection for the subject. Growing up in Lodi allowed him to a working knowledge of the SP and the local industries.
      Lodi appellation Zinfandel is decidedly different than Dry Creek wines. Klinkers Brick and Earthquake Zinfandel are two of my favorite.

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