MODELING: Incredible Trees from Europe

Vine Maple in PNW Forest

Vine Maple in PNW Forest ( real scenery)

I was exploring Facebook this morning and spotted a stunning bit of modeling featured on a page.   No identification as to who did the work but the name of MBB Grove Den appeared in the corner.   A quick search turned up a website in the Netherlands.  With the help of Google I was able to translate the Dutch to English.  The company name is MBB Grove Den.  They produce trees and do custom scenery for folks in Europe.   They have a catalog on their site with pricing in Euros.



13422418_293652984305892_8262163376192550889_ologged hillside

I keep looking at the trees trying to figure out how they made them.  It is worth ordering one to see what they are made of.  The needle blanket covering the branches is very realistic.   It looks a little like some of Woodland Scenics material that has been teased out.  It could be a horsehair pad.  An English company by the name of Green Scene sells pads like this material.



I just thought that the two pictures below belong together.

FB_IMG_1472160466466wrong side

Happy Trails



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