WEATHERING: Lee Turner on Chipping Paint


lt plow1

Recently, Lee Turner sent me an email with attached photos showing an impressive technique for chipped paint.   Rather than paraphrase his words, I copied the text of his email.  I have seen similar techniques using hairspray a release coat.   Lee used a product made by Acrylicos Vallejo for this purpose.

lt plow3

I finally tried the armor modelers trick, the chipping paint effect with chipping fluid. I started with a base coat of rust, first was a coat of Tamiya hull red. When that was dry acrylic tube paints were thinned and blended over the hull red using burnt umber, burnt sienna, raw sienna and yellow ochre. Always remember that rust is a variety of different tones from blue/black to bright yellow so one color for rust doesn’t work. After the plow was completely rusted it was sealed with Testors dull cote.


After drying a thin coat of “Chipping Medium”, Vallejo #76.550 was airbrushed over any area that I wanted faded and peeling paint. I used  Testors acrylic thinner to thin the fluid. Next came very thin color coats, first was a purplish grey mix, then dark faded green mixed with yellow ochre, almost a faded olive color, finally a coat of dark green mixed with white for a faded look. Dampening a small area and then working a stiff brush over it wears away the color coats a layer at the time and the chipping fluid dissolves to reveal the rust underneath. Although this was an experiment on a cheap MTH model it came out with a truly rusty look. I think this proves the point again that paint is as much of a detail an anything else.

lt plow2

The snow plow is an old MTH three-rail piece that acted as Lee’s experimental subject.   Pretty darn good for the first time around the block.

One  of the masters of modeling weathering is Chuck Doan.  I borrowed a picture of a 1/16″ scale Wayne gas pump Chuck has been working on for some time.  This shows were you can go if you work at it.


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1 thought on “WEATHERING: Lee Turner on Chipping Paint

  1. Gene

    I am glad the Soo Line kept their Russell plows in better shape and easier to make them look fair.

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