Postings Removed



I just removed the three posts on the Northern Pacific caboose build.  The project has been put on the shelf.  I am not sure if I will proceed with the model.

I am rethinking the blog direction and what content I will post.



11 thoughts on “Postings Removed

  1. Gene;
    always interested in your posts-for methods, techniques, and info I otherwise don’t receive.
    Hope your move goes well, remember, you always have readers-and we look forward to something new and interesting with each post.

  2. Gene, it is my hope that the NP caboose will return and the format of documenting your build and methods you use as well as those of other builders will continue. Thank you for sharing your work the methods and techniques you use. With respect for what your blog has presented and a sincere hope that it,the blog, may continue in the future.

    Lee Gustafson

    • Lee
      The series may rise again. Rather than do a Mainline Modeler and leave incomplete articles, I decided to park the series until I can get the move behind me and see where my interests are.

      Sorry for the change

  3. I very much enjoyed your building articles. Sorry to see them go. The NP caboose would have been fun to watch evolve.
    Hope everything is alright?

    Bill Yancey

    • Bill
      This is not the last build to be featured. It happens to be a project that I have lost interest in for the being. I want to do other things in the near future.


    • Rhett
      Sorry to have pulled this series but I am still trying to move to a new home and have lost interest in the project at this time. Once I am resettled I may pick up the series and repost the three deleted posts.


  4. All the best with the move, Gene; I certainly understand how distracting that is. I look forward to your posts and have learned much from them.

    Jamie Robinson

  5. Interesting difference of approach Gene. Myself, I let it all hang out there: readers see me struggle through every turn, and I don’t attempt to present the blog as a finished article.

    Well, you have way more readers than I do, so you must be doing something right.


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