MODELING: Part Two of the SP C-30-3 Caboose Build

Well, I am thankful that Charlie Morrill pointed out that what I was modeling may not be typical of C-30-3 brake upgrades.  He was kind enough to send a picture that showed a different configuration.  After a little head scratching and research I could see what Charlie suggested.   The picture of #4  may not have been a standard configuration for upgrading the brake equipment.  Number 4 was a poor choice since it was used on the Modoc line.  Not my cup of tea as they say.  Caboose #619 is more to my liking since it spent time in the Fresno area. The problem with # 619 is that most pictures were taken of the toolbox side.  As I was cruising through a number of SP books I found one shot of 619 in Thompson’s caboose book.  Bob Morris took the picture.  The location of the control valve and reservoir resemble the drawing I have for AB upgrades on C-30-1 caboose.  For the purpose of oriented the drawing versus the car, the brake cylinder is pointed at the B end of the car.


The effort spent studying research material has resulted a few steps back.   In fact, I had to redo the redo before I got it right ( I think).




The new brake equipment platforms have been installed.  The B end is on the left side of the picture.  The brass angle will support one end of the reservoir.  Charlie Morrell sent me a very grainy photo of a C-30-3 showing the AB brake components.


If you look at the model picture above you will see the new brackets and part of the brake equipment.  The reservoir is just temporarily place on the frame.  The single mounting lug is hung from the brass angle.  I have the route the branch pipe around the control valve bracket.  I am not sure of this detail on the routing.


Here is the picture that Charlie sent.

The picture below is an example of pictures of C-30-3 class.  I guess it is the luck of the draw.   M-6 Mogul #1781 was used frequently on the Friant along with 615.


Happy Trails,


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