MODELING: Part 2.5 of the SP C-30-3 Caboose Build

Discovery is a part of this hobby. It does make a project interesting to find out things you didn’t know.   This caboose build has turned into a series of discoveries.  The most recent is that there are multiple ways the railroad installed AB brake upgrades.   Part 2.0 showed a style used on #619 and likely others.   Cabooses were converted to AB brake equipment in more than one shop.

I decided to configure my car in the way shown below.   It is my story and I am sticking to it.  Here is my final configuration below.



The little dots on the tool box and underframe are decal rivets from Archer.  It was a fun way of adding details to a model without the traditional rivet impressing tools.

A Word from Lee Turner

Double sheathed wood boxcars sometimes lack interest due to a single shade of the basic color even with the weathering accents.  Lee used a selection of similar colors premixed from inexpensive acrylic paints.   It does create an interesting effect.


The close up below shows the color variation Lee was trying to achieve.


Happy trails



4 thoughts on “MODELING: Part 2.5 of the SP C-30-3 Caboose Build

  1. I, too, have used Archer rivets. I built two Plastrut bridges that cost more than the bridge kits but they looked good.


  2. Hi Gene, Regarding colour variations, I have achieved a similar effect by underpainting with various shades, then blending with the paint colour. Not as nice as Lee’s but sure beats the single colour spray bomb look! Rene

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