MODELING: Part 3.0 of the SP Caboose Build + S Scale

LEAD PHOTO: Erik Lindgren for Key Models

The last two weeks have been hectic for me with little or no hobby time.  My wife has endured major surgery successfully.  Life is starting to get back to some routine.   The work I am presenting tonight was done the beginning of last week.

Two areas were worked on.  I installed the plumbing and brake rigging.  In addition, I completed adding rivets using the Archer decal product.  c-30-3-underframe  The interconnecting pipes were formed from .020″ wire.  The levers were made from brass except for the dead lever ( on the right side).  The rodding was attached to the levers with San Juan Car Company clevises.   There is a second lever on the left.  It ties the hand brakes on each platform to the brake system.


I still have to add the branch pipe connecting the trainline to the valve.

Moving onto the rivet detailing.

As I said earlier, the rivets came from Arcrivet-decal
her.  I used the 7/8″ size on the top plate of the crossbearer.  The 5/8″ size was used on the steel toolbox.  The rivets are applied like any wet decal.  Archer uses Microscale clear decal paper.  I used Microscale decal solvent to set the strips on the car parts.   I sealed the rivets with a light spray of Tamiya Super Fine Primer (comes in rattle can).

I received the following images from Paul Washburn.  Paul is a superb modeler who works in S Scale.  He is building a ATSF 3129 class Mikado.  There low driver locomotives showed up in Southern California and other parts of the Santa Fe empire.  The tender was formed from styrene.  The trucks were cast in urethane after Paul built an excellent pattern of the Commonwealth truck.   This is not the first locomotive and tender that Paul has used the rivet decals on.  He built a 1950 class ATSF Consolidation using styrene and Archer rivets.




Consider the possibilities you can create with products like Archer.   Sit down and try your hand at building something.

Happy Trails,


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