MODELING: Part 4.0 of the SP Caboose Build


Moving right along, I decided to fit Protocraft couplers to the caboose.  The model was built with the intent to add the original San Juan Car Company AAR Type-E working couplers.  Fitting the Protocraft couplers required a few modifications to the coupler box to fit within the scale centersill.


The plastic coupler pocket was narrowed by slicing the sides off the pocket.  I attached the pocket to a .032″ by .250″ brass strip.  with the 2.0mm screws that came with the couplers.  The shank sticks out a bit to allow for the scale striker.  The striker is 4″ thick and I had to allow for the compression of the centering spring.


The brass plate will be bonded to the plastic centersill.  I will likely use CA to attach the plate.



Be Happy Drink Shiners Bock



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