MODELING: Craftsman Bungalow Modeling 2.0


Back on January 5th, I started construction of a classic Southern California bungalow.  You can go back and see what I did ten months ago by following this link


Last week I decided to dust off the build for a change of scenery.  Structures are a refreshing change from the precision of rolling stock construction.   All of the windows and doors are now finished and painted.  The walls were painted a cream color using Tru-Color Pullman Cream.  I contrasted the yellow with white trim.  As a person who hates to mask multi-color paint jobs, I opted to create modules based on color.


As you can see, the porch has three colors each painted separately and assembled.  The deck is green as is the first step.  The deck slides into the back of the porch assembly.  The white corner trim is made from two strip of styrene glued together to form an angle before painting. The railing and post assembly was a real pain.  It took three attempts to get it to fit properly.


The next step for me was to add the roof to the bungalow.  The basic roof is cut from .040″ styrene.  Fitting the porch extension on the roof took some trial and error to get it to work.  There is more detailing to be done on the basic structure as well as the roof.   I will cover this in future postings.



So enough of bungalows for this session.  It is starting to look like something.   The color is a bit bright so some weathering is in order.

Happy Trails,


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