MODELING: Craftsman Bungalow 3.0

I was looking at photos on my phone and realized that I didn’t post construction photos of the porch before posting last night edition.  So here are the photos that were intended to go in the previous post.


The tops of the porch railing were cut from .020″ styrene sheet approximately .250″ wide.  They look like an “L” when fabricated.  The posts are cut from .080″ square styrene.   Rather than build a complicated jig to hold the posts upright, I used the Mark 1.0 eyeball and a square block.


I taped six pieces of ;080″ square together and cut them to make sure they were uniform in length.   It doesn’t take long to do this step but one should let the glue joint become solid before playing around with the pieces.


There is a complementary piece the fit under the canopy of the porch. There are detail trim attached to the underside.  The posts will support the upper portion where the trim pieces are located.


I assembled the porch parts in a very simple jig composed of square blocks, and straight edge.  I like to work on a granite block.  I picked up the block from a kitchen store who supplied it as a sample of the stone.

Well that should fill in a few of the build details.

Happy trails,




2 thoughts on “MODELING: Craftsman Bungalow 3.0

  1. Hi Gene,

    I understand you intended to post the build sequence before the completed model but it did give me a day to think about “how did he do that, how would I do that”. You made me think about how we build models. Thanks for getting my brain working.

    Lee Gustafson

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