MODELING: Other People’s Work (OPW)

Lets take a break from my construction projects.   I would like to share the work of other modelers.


First up is a project that I had suggested to Norm Buckhart for a decal set.  He was kind enough to do the decals for a Gibson 6-compartment wine tank car.  Protocraft has done the silver tank version in the past.  The new set is for a black tank.  It is a stunning color scheme.  The lead picture shows Norm’s new set applied to one of his PSC wine

cars.  The prototype car was a General American Transport Corporation (GATC) design.


Thank you Norm for the decal set.


Lee Turner shared some photos of a recent commission.  He built a special piece of history for a client.   The passenger car is a model of this US Army Escort car.  The Army converted a number of cars to carry armed guards for the protection of high value shipments during WWII.

The model that Lee used is a PRR passenger baggage car imported by PSC.  Lee painted and weathered the car to his usual high standards.  The Army configured the cars with bunks, kitchen and bathroom facilities.


One of the challenges of this project was to create the figures that represent the Army crew that rode the car.  Lee used 1/48 scale Tamiya Army figures.  The plastic figures were modified by repositioning limbs and building up features with filler materials.


The finished model was installed in a display case with LED lighting in the car powered for showing the interior off.   I would like to thank Lee for sharing images of his project.

Happy Trails,



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