MODELING: Other Peoples Work (OPW)

I have received a couple emails offline that suggest different ways to attack the construction of radial roofs.  One approach outlined to me was by Dave Sarther.


Dave has adapted a method that Glenn Guerra used in his Mullet River Model Works caboose kits.  The method is ideal for work on wood model but probably could be adapted to styrene with some changes.   He cuts a block of wood and shapes the top to conform to the desired radius.  He then cut slots in the top for the location of formers.  The roof has slots in it to accept tabs cut in the formers.  The whole thing  is held together with carpenters glue.


For those of you who have built a Mullet River kit, you will recognize the approach.  It works!

Back to the caboose project.


As you can see, the roof conforms to the radius of the caboose end.  I am happy with the fit.  I had to add strips to the edges since I miscalculated the required width by a miles.  A little filler and the seams will disappear.

Now a little eye candy for the fans of heavy eastern railroading.  Lee Turner is busy with many projects as he rushes to finish customers models for the holidays and March Meet.  This post started with an old Pennsy advertisement for Christmas travel.   We will end it with a couple of classic PRR images.



Happy Trails,



2 thoughts on “MODELING: Other Peoples Work (OPW)

  1. The Mullet River slotted roof method requires access to a laser cutter I would guess. I don’t know how well that would work on styrene. I have used male and female curved wood forms to hold the roof till the joints cured. I like the slots sawed in the form for ribs idea.


    • Charlie
      I suppose you could cut the slots by hand. Time consuming but less costly than buying the laser and teaching yourself how to create the design file to cut from.

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