MODELING: NP Caboose Roof

Rick Leach Photo

Rick Leach Photo

I realize that the previous few posts were about the SP caboose build.  I jumped back to the NP project after fixing the problem with a jig to create a proper radius to the underside to the roof.  My first attempt produced a roof that did not have a consistent radius to the underside of the roof.

The new jig is built using basswood laminated over a plastic form.  John Droste,friend and master woodworker, showed me some of his work on laminating wood.  John is furniture craftsman who lives in Australia. You will find an example of his fine work below.


John reminded me that lamination is the way to go.  I tried it and it worked for me. The basswood fixture provides the form to start the styrene lamination process.  The edges of the wood are covered with a strip of double-sided tape.   This holds the first sheet of styrene to the form of the fixture.  The second sheet is lined up with the first and bonded along the edge.  Once this is set, use a thin layer of CA on the first sheet.  Smoothly, press the top sheet to the bottom sheet.  I like to use a piece of paper towel to press the sheet in place.  You can clean up any CA that flows out during the lamination process.


I used six layers of .010″ thick styrene sheets to build up the three inch thickness of the prototype.


The roof is built oversized to allow for any misalignment of the sheets.   You can see that the roof follow the correct contour of the caboose end.  This is what I was trying to achieve.


So this is what the roof looks like placed on the body.  I have a bunch of trimming to do yet.  Seeing the car at this point, I can get excited about pressing to completion.

Collection of NPRHA

Collection of NPRHA

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