OPINION: Move or not to move that is the question


So after get a good start on my P48 layout, I ripped it out as you have likely read by now.   We bought a home in Arizona and looked forward to moving.  So we ventured down in July and again in September and got a sample of the legendary Arizona summer.  Well, you know they say it is a dry heat.  It is still hot no matter if it is dry or wet.   I have been in Abu Dubai in July and thought it was hot.  Arizona is hot.


Now we are selling the Arizona home (want to buy it?) and resorting to Plan B.  That is to stay in Cali and in our current home.  Onward with Plan B.  Now I have to start the layout all over again.  Yes, there were lessons learned.  Hopefully, I can apply them and make a better go of it.


California has good, bad and the ugly.  You just have to live with the last two.  Sometimes that is hard to do.   One good thing is at AT&T park.   Seeing the Giants play at home is very cool.   It helps to ease to pain of the bad things.  Now that they got a closer it will even be better.


At any rate, we are planning to stay..

Happy Trails,



22 thoughts on “OPINION: Move or not to move that is the question

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’ll opt for Cali. Not a day goes by I don’t think of So Cal. I miss all the great model railroaders there ( some great friends ) and the number of shops. I’m in a waistland. I have to go to Atl. or Sav. to come close to a good shop. I vote for Cali.

  2. Glad you have reached a final decision(actually there are no final decisions-just the ones for today)
    We’re still not settled-down to a few boxes and the need to complete some bench work.
    Hope all is well(it is hot in Arizona) and you get back to a normal life.
    Tex Mex had a round roof boxcar -so am looking for continued guidance.

  3. While that must’ve been a real emotional roller coaster for you, I’m glad to hear you’ve decided to stay put in So Cal. I might get there some day…
    – Trevor in (Snowy) Toronto

      • That’s what i thought, but since I saw a message or 2 referencing So Cal, I wasn’t sure exactly where you were in California.

        Would you like some of you layout wood back? I’ve already use some of it in my layout. 🙂

  4. Hi Gene,

    Having moved so many times I have lost count, I resorted eventually to building my layouts in parts so that I could move them when I moved. That worked pretty well for several moves, but it didn’t save the last layout, since I moved from a ranch house with a big basement to a 2 BR apartment. So, I understand your dismay, and also your excitement at moving on and creating something better. While in the apartment, I decided that building a small narrow gauge layout would be just the ticket for my limited space. I just needed to build a bunch of dual gauge turnouts. 18 months later, I hadn’t build one, and it dawned on me that perhaps n.g. wasn’t a good choice. So, I switched to something much easier to build track-wise, and have been moving ahead ever since.

    PS – I met you through Chuck Yungkurth some years back when you needed photos of the underside of a DL&W wooden caboose for a modeling project. I’ve been found your blog a couple of years ago, and really enjoy it.


    • Todd
      It is great to read your comments about frequent moves. Tearing down and rebuilding must get harder to do each time you do it. I know that I struggle the concept after just one teardown.


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