MODELING: Lee Turner’s Latest Efforts


Lee Turner’s large following of customers keeps him busy near all the time.   This winter he has seen a lot of PRR and Eastern equipment in his shop.   The PRR E-8 shown above is a Key model.  At the request of his customer, Lee rebuilt the pilot assembly and matched the factory paint.  Once complete with the modification, Lee weathered the model consistent with the road principal passenger power.

lt-carworks-flatsThe two flats are imports from the Car Works.  They are models of the PRR FM class.  The loads are PVC piping painted and weathered to look it large steel pipes.   Nice looking loads.

lt-lne2Pacific Limited imported a number of highly accurate brass models years ago.  The cars are sought after by modelers and collectors.  At a request of his customer, Lee painted the models in two different schemes for the Lehigh and New England.



Last but now least, Lee reworked an Overland Union Pacific gas turbine with a different number, details and weathering.   The locomotive is a monster and must be something running on a large railroad.   I do remember seeing these beasts at Cheyenne and hauling mile-long trains on the mainline.   The black smoke and scream of the turbine was a sight to behold.


Thank you Lee.

Happy Trails,


6 thoughts on “MODELING: Lee Turner’s Latest Efforts

  1. Very nice, excellent modeling.

    Ray & Renee Grosser

    1145 Linn Road

    Eubank KY 42567-9579

    (606) 379-6590

    “I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, and heaven without hell.” General William Booth

    I hope you never have to work as hard as we play!

  2. Excellent work as always. The pipe load, representing steel, has quite thin walls for PVC tubing. What is the origin of this?
    The UP gas turbine photo is very cleverly aligned with the background. The open car door visible at right adds greatly to the realism of the image.

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