MODELING: Lee Turner’s Latest Work


Lee Turner continues to amaze with his work and the sheer number of models that come out of his shop.   He has been working on a large number of Pennsylvania Railroad equipment. This posting covers three cabin cars that Lee just finished.

Everything about the Pennsy was unique and built to their own designs.   Their cabin cars starting with the wooden N6b, N5c with porthole windows though the post-war N8


The N8 and N5c were classic in their style and details.  One of the details unique to the road was their pioneering inductive telephone system that used the railing-like hardware on the roof.


One of weathering techniques used by Lee was to sand the decals to reflect the effect of age on railway equipment.

I would like to thank Lee for sharing his work with us.

Happy Trails,



3 thoughts on “MODELING: Lee Turner’s Latest Work

  1. Amazing he did sand the decals, but the Q is: how…?? Also: how did he manage to dirty up the yellow caboose without spoiling the rest of the paint?

    • Fred- I think he used a Vallejo brown wash. The base color is likely Model Masters yellow enamel. The wash is applied covering the model. After drying, you start removing the wash with a product called “Mean Green”. It is a biodegradable cleaner much like Simple Green. I don’t know if can buy this in Europe. You use a makeup sponge wetted slightly with the cleaner. I did a posting outlining this technique.

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