MODELING: A Masterful Upgrade


Erik Lindgren was kind enough to send me a number of photos of a beautiful US Hobbies Union Pacific 2-8-0.   The model is the work of a gentleman by the name of Andy Revis.  The model was converted to Proto48 along with a total makeover from pilot to tender.   The original KTM-built import was a rather plain model which was typical of the early brass models.







As you can see, Andy elevated this model to the level of a Glacier Park Models import.  Great job!

Thank you Erik for your professional photography……..

Happy Trails,



8 thoughts on “MODELING: A Masterful Upgrade

  1. It is a beautiful model. Indeed.

    Mr Reavis writes:

    Yes the model is pretty nice, but your photos really do it justice. I built it over a three and one half year period from 2010 to 2014. I thought that I had it almost done in 2012 and I took it to the O scale west meet in Santa Clara but still a work in progress stage and then I found a mistake on it, the running boards were mounted a scale three inches too low. The only way I could correct it was to COMPLETELY rebuild it and make new running boards. While it was only a mistake of 1/16th inch everything else had to be moved 1/16th of an inch, so while I had it apart I did some more work on it and on other parts that I was not happy with. It was going to have sound and a DCC system but the only ones that would fit where not rated with enough amps. The STEAM DONE is the only original part that was used as is. The only reason I sold it was because it was just a little too big. I am looking for a ten wheeler of the SP. Your photos did show me something that I missed. I forgot to paint the edges of the window glazing. When done properly you do not even know it is there. Any way, glad you like it. If you like it.


  2. Hi Bob,

    I thought you might enjoy this Gene Deimling blog of a P48 conversion and upgrade of a US Hobbies UP 2-8-0 consolidation. This reminded me of the great job you do on upgrading older models. such as the US Hobbies locos. Enjoy.


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