MODELING: Rio Grande Auto Car Build #4


I am getting back to the Rio Grande automobile car build. It has been on my bench with work being performed an hour or so at a time.  Drilling holes and inserting nut/bolt casting is a pain.  It can be done in moderate doses.


If you examine the photo above you can see the sheer numbers of rivets and nut/bolts.   I used MacLeod Western N-50 7/8″ nut with bolt.  No washer was used with this hardware stackup.  You can also use Grandt Line #9.  The rivets are .025″ Tichy parts.


The side sill details take time so be patient.  One of the interesting details of this car is the exposed interior steel posts.  I built these up using three pieces to simulate a “Z” bar braces.  I made a simple jig to position the vertical element first (.020″ x .060″).  Once that piece is secure I added the top flange (.015″ x .060″) and the lower flange (.010″ x .060″).


The photo on the right shows all of the details. The steel strips on the sheathing had flat rivets where the door passes over the area.  The rest of the attachment points are done with nut/bolt fasteners.

The doors are made from the same scribed styrene as used on the sides.  This siding is laminated to .020″ plain styrene to create a scale thickness.  It is framed with .010″ x .043″ strips (HO 1″ x 4″).  Nut/bolt castings are used around the perimeter. Note the there is not a frame on the bottom.


I built one side of the doors as a single piece.  The other side doors are built as separate pieces.  My intent is to have those doors partially open.


The door hardware will take some effort to create using Chooch plastic parts.   I will get into this  in the next post.

That is all for now.

Happy Trails,



6 thoughts on “MODELING: Rio Grande Auto Car Build #4

  1. Thanks again Gene for such detail and your techniques. I have a lot of P48 cars. I’ve begun working in 1.6 scale to a greater level than before. Previously 1.5 (1/8) scale as did Walt Disney. Your posts help in any scale.

  2. Gene, looking at the shiny areas near the bolts, I would guess that you using MEK as an adhesive. How do you apply such tiny amounts with precision?
    Thanks, Bill

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