MODELING: Rio Grande Auto Car Build #5

In this installment, I will show you how I built the reverse Dreadnaught end. The prototype used a 4/3 end that was 9’4″ wide and 10’0″ high. My choice for making this end is to build it out of a plastic part made by San Juan Car Company for their Western Pacific double sheathed boxcar kit. The process requires two set of ends to build two ends.



Start by figuring out where you will need to cut. Hint- make the cuts in the center of the large rib or wale. The relatively flat surface allows any filling and sanding required to make the seam disappear. Use the non-lumber door end as your end-cut-1

basic part. Make the first cut on the bottom wale. The second cut will be on the lumber door end should be on the second from the bottom wale. I use double-sided tape keep the straight edge from slipping. Start the cutting with a single edge razor bade. I also used micro saw to finish the job. Use sand paper on a flat surface to square up the piece. Bond the pieces together using MEK or Testors liquid cement. The parts are likely shot in ABS which bonds better with these solvents.

The second cut is to add a third rib to the top two ribs. You will need to remove the peaked top of the end.

end-3After you are finished hacking away on the plastic, end-final

you should end up with a couple ends that have the right number of wales with the correct width and height. Finish by filling any voids that might result from the cutting. I used Tamiya gray fine filler. I need to sand the filler yet.

Next in the build sequence is the underframe.

Happy Trails



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