MODELING: Rio Grande Auto Car Build #6

I have working on the automobile car build over the last few weeks.   I was able to obtain another shot of the interesting cars from Arnold Menke.  It is an early view shows the original door hardware and position of the interior posts around the door.  The builder drawing is not real clear about what is showing along the side channel near the door opening.  The photo helps even though it was fuzzy.   I like the fact that the car has the doors partially open.  This is the way I am building my car.

The wooden double doors are constructed out of the same “false tongue and groove” material that is on the car side.  I built one side’s doors in one-piece.  It is framed with .010″ x .043″ strips.  The frames will get MacLeod Western N-50 7/8″ square nuts and bolts.  I also used Tichy .025″ rivets on part of the doors.   The other side doors were built as separate parts.

One of the details that you will find on nearly all wooden doors are corner reinforcements.  The shape is a pain to do multiple copies of and have them look nearly identical.  After thinking about it a while, I made a simple jig that would allow me to cut identical angles in a .010″ x .125″ styrene strip.

It is a quick process to create enough reinforcement pieces for the four doors.  You might find this jig for the next car project.

The door set is complete except for the closing mechanism and rollers. A Camel number 50 is used on the lower edge of the door.  Chooch has Camel hardware and closing mechanism parts on their #215 parts sprue.  I will show the parts installation on a future installation.

The side shown above shows the completed interior posts on the side sill.  You can see the doors positioned on the side.  I will add the door tracks and final details once the body is assembled.

Next time I will describe the underframe construction.

Happy Trails,



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