MODELING: Miscellaneous Topics

There are a few topics to cover with this posting.  Here they are:


Each year, the best O scale meet occurs in the Chicago area.  The crowds are large with many vendors and manufacturers to see.   Each year I manage to have something else happening.  This year it was lunch on the Napa Valley wine train.  The food was great, with excellent a selection on the wine list (you would hope).  Norm Buckhart sent me a couple shots from the meet.


I was asked a question about the toolbox on the Southern Pacific C-30-3 caboose.

The above images were made off of the 1″ to 1′ drawing hanging on my shop wall.  Hope this helps.


This modern boxcar is the work of Lee Turner.  It was requested by a client.  Lee had to educate himself on the tagger technique and style.  Fortunately, his son has a friend who used to do this on the real stuff.


Norm Buckhart used to publish a periodic magazine with news and techniques on Proto48.   It was called The Proto Journal.  Norm decided that it was taken too much time and wanted to hand it over to a new editor.  I volunteered to do the new magazine.  In 2000, the first issue was put together but the realization of preparation and mailing would be time consuming and costly.  A decision was made to go with a website version instead.  The new website became know as the Proto48 Modeler.  It continues to today.  Protocraft underwrites the web publishing and server costs.

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