NEW PRODUCTS: Right O’ Way Proto48 Flex Track

Jay Criswell has taken over a portion of the Protocraft product line including the Proto48 flex track.  He is currently ready to order more track and wondered if there was a preference for track with steel or nickel silver rail.  It is a simple question and requires feedback as to your preference.

The best way to register your interest is to email Jay.   Visit his website to find his email address.   Here is the link to the Right O’ Way site.

This is a photo taken of Jim Zwernemann’s layout.  It shows his prize-winning Southern Pacific signal tower in the background.

This is one of my favorite cars built by Jim Zwernemann.  It is rebuild USRA double sheathed boxcar.  Many railroads replaced the wood bodies with steel sides made by Bethlehem Steel.

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7 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCTS: Right O’ Way Proto48 Flex Track

  1. I really like that SP yard photo you’ve posted. Lots of interesting detail to study — Two gons full of new gondola sides; a row of steel boxcars displaying three ages of SP lettering styles; a fuel oil spot at the end of a trestle from a road side storage tank; and then there is the steamer! Thanks for posting Gene.


  2. Are there decals available for cars like Jim Z’s EJ&E car in the photo shared by Gene today?
    Read in late March that Rail Graphics is going out of business this year. No new orders after December 1, 2017.
    Thanks, Dave S. Tucson, AZ

    • Dave
      The EJ&E decals are not available. Jim’s decals were printed on an ALPS by Jim Hickey a long time ago. I had a set made by a guy in Florida but he sold the business to Don Tichy.

  3. Gene, I just saw this. Not sure why I didn’t get it earlier…..maybe it was inadvertently deleted. Anyway, thank you for the post. Jay

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