MODELING: Rio Grande Auto Car Build #8

Back on the job and getting stoked about finishing.  I got the body assembled and I can see the end of the project.  A lot of time was spent fabricating parts and drilling holes.  Oh yes, getting to remake things that didn’t work out.

The underframe was built on a 040″ sheet that I scribed board lines at 5″ intervals.  Normally, I would use .060″ or .080″ sheet but I wanted to have the doors open on the one side and need to have a scale thickness floor boards showing.  I did add .080″ pieces on either end to stiffen area where the trucks and coupler are mounted.

The fishbelly centersill was cut out of .020″ sheet.  I created rivet strips out of .015″ to outline of the centersill.  The strips run along the base plate of the centersill.  The rivets are spaced at 3.25 scale inches apart.  You can use Archer rivet decals to do this job.  Use the 7/8″ size rivets.

As you can see, there are crossbearers and crossties.  There is are 4″ square stringers that run parallel to the centersill.  Make sure you add the .032″ trainline before getting ahead of yourself with the cross members.

The flooring extends on one side for the open door side.

I test fitted the open side to the floor.  Mark where the channel overlaps the flooring.  This helps with trimming the crossbearers and crossties to fit.

You will need to determine where the “B” end location.

The next posting with go into the body assembly.




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