MODELING: Rio Grande Auto Car Build #10

This posting will cover the underframe and end detailing.   I am pushing to try to finish the model in time for O Scale West.  It may not get paint and lettering done in time. Too many interruptions the last few weeks.

The fishbelly underframe is capped with two layers of styrene.  I am trying to simulate angle stock riveted to either side of vertical sheet.  My approach starts with a  .010″ x .138″ strip to which you add .010″ x .060″ strips.  There will be a gap in between the strips.  The lamination is now attached to the center sill as shown in the lead picture to this posting.

I am equipping my car with an AB brake system.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a diagram for the installation only the original K brake system.  All of my photos tend to be dark in the underframe area.  I was able to make out where the control valve and brake cylinder are located.  The reservoir is conjecture on my part.  I had to create a design for supporting the brake components.  Murphy’s Law states that information will now appear given that the model is nearing completion.

The control valve is suspended off the center sill very close to the cross tie. The control valve is supported by two straps running from the side sill to the wood stringer.  By the way, I am using the San Juan Car Company AB brake kit.

I fabricated the brake lever attached to the brake cylinder.  The brake rods are tied to the lever with a San Juan Car Company clevis.  The interconnecting air lines were made from .020″ wire.  I used Tichy phos bronze wire which is a bit of a pain to bend in tight spaces.  Details Associates brass wire seems to be a disappearing act.

The bolsters were capped with .015″ sheet styrene.  I built up the side of the draft gear with .015″ sheet with .025″ Tichy rivets added for detail.  I cut a slot in the sides to facilitate part of the detail. The side pieces were added to the outside of the center sill pieces.  I wanted to increase the room for coupler swing given the 50′ car length.   The draft gear is built up to fit a cut down Protocraft coupler pocket. I built up the scale striker plate from .020″ strip and .060″ styrene angle stock.  The striker is mounted to the body.

So this is what the B end looks like with everything but the ladder and cut lever installed.  The Chooch brake fulcrum is connected to the Ajax gearbox with clevis made from a San Juan turnbuckle cut to remove one end.  The brake platform and supports are sourced from Chooch.  The gearbox is a Grandt Line part.  Notice the three rivets and the two square nuts are positioned on the end of the side.

The picture shown above helps visualize the method of attaching the hand brake rod.

This wraps up the installment #10.



5 thoughts on “MODELING: Rio Grande Auto Car Build #10

  1. Gene,
    I hope to see this model in person a couple weeks from now — painted or not!

    BTW in examining the photos of the prototype you have posted, I think your location pick for the reservoir is right on.


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