MODELING: Other Peoples Work (OPW)

I have been fortunate to have regular contributors to my P48 Blog.  One such gentleman is Erik Lindgren.  He is an accomplished modeler, photographer, artist and raconteur.  His interests run from classic cars to being a dad.  His skills as a photographer and artist can be seen in his postings.  Recently, Erik shot some images of the new Key Models Southern Pacific AC articulates.  He was kind enough to share a few shots that were not property of the importer.  I thought the picture shown above was unique in that it showed Erik focused on the details in setting up his stage.

Few models approach the realism of the Key locomotive. It is stunning to look at and operate.

Thank you for Erik for sharing.

Another contributor is Lee Turner. His work is fantastic and very realistic. Today’s subject is a urethane kit produced by Rails Unlimited.  The prototype is of a Milwaukee Road stock car.  The car is a classic.  The Milwaukee Road had a fondness to using Klasing hand brakes.  Fortunately, Protocraft brought in some casts of this interesting design.  Lee pointed out that the door is incorrect for cars with drop bottom doors.  You can spot the drop bottom doors with the Wine door latches on the side sill.

The picture below is of a model built by Jim Zwernemann with a new door.

 Last but not least is Jim Zwernemann of those who contribute.   His work is exceptional.  Recently, he has been working on his layout trying to complete a new scene.  Jim is a regular for groups and individuals who are in the Austin, Texas area.  The line from the movie “Field of Dreams” that goes like “if you build they will come” best describes the attraction.   Jim says that group visits tend to make him stay focused on a project to have something new to show.  I could use some of those.

Jim added a new bridge to part of his layout along with a factory.  The bridge is made from Masonite, wood and plaster castings.

Thanks again to Erik, Lee and Jim.  This blog would be pretty boring without them sharing their work.


10 thoughts on “MODELING: Other Peoples Work (OPW)

  1. And to think, Erik used to live 20 miles up the road from me. Sioux City to LeMars, IA. Had I known.
    Met Lee in Chicago in March. Still trying to get a hold of him by email.


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  3. did erik scratch build the pin connected
    bridge?, or were commercial members
    used?, if so?, whose?

  4. did erik scratch build the pin connected
    bridge?, or were commercial members
    used?, if so?, whose?

  5. That is an OMI 2006 run pin connected Truss. I needed to modify the model to match our era and location specific details. The decking is built using components from Right Of Way products and Mt Albert Scale Lumber.

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