MODEDLING: Rio Grande Auto Car Build 10.5

Well, I didn’t quite finish the auto car project in time for O Scale West meet at the end of this week.  Rats!  It seemed like a safe bet to complete the project.  I even ordered fresh Star Brand paint from P-B-L .

The side view is where I have ended this week.

Lots of little details go into the doors.  The upper rollers are a Camel #27 and the lower are #50.  The door opener and latch are from Chooch along with the rollers.

The process of mounting the door and guides starts with building the upper door track which is a strip of .040′ x .030″ styrene.  Mount the door next and build the lower track.  The lower track is built up from a strip of .020″ x .060″ with a piece of .015″ x .020″ added to form a “L”.

Sorry for the short report but this has been a very busy period.


2 thoughts on “MODEDLING: Rio Grande Auto Car Build 10.5

  1. Gene: I always enjoy reading your posts, as your modeling and techniques are first rate and can be used by all, to build our own better models. Thanks, Mark Lewis Stony Point, NC

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