MEETINGS: Collinsville RPM Meeting

Railroad Prototype Meetings (RPM) have become a major part of the hobby’s communication process.   Modelers and historians get together in many parts of the country.  The Naperville (IL) meeting has been the major event in the RPM calendar.  The St.Louis (Collinsville, IL) meet is emerging as one of the major gatherings.  It has been run by John Golden for a number of years with major help from a group in the St. Louis area John is now living in Germany as a result of a new job assignment in his post-military job. John continues to champion the gathering from afar.

O scale and P48 are not major components in these meetings but the value of the event is the many clinics, vendors and fellow modelers.  I have attended the Chicago area meeting and enjoyed the heck out of it.  I will probably go again but maybe try the St. Louis meet.

As in past years, Norm Buckhart attended as a vendor (Protocraft).   HO folks seem to be fascinated with P48 and concept of larger scale modeling.  Jim Canter brought his large portable P48 demonstration layout with the help of friends from the Indianapolis area.  It is an excellent vehicle to introduce the scale to modelers.  Norm took a photos of the meeting and Jim’s layout to share with us.

This what the commercial selling floor looked like at St. Louis.  Several photo sellers, a bunch of historical societies and lots of largely HO suppliers present.

Norm Buckhart and Jim Canter pose with Jim’s layout.

This view shows the simple support system for the portable.

In case you didn’t know, Jim loves the Nickle Plate Road.

It sounds like a good meeting to consider in the coming year.


3 thoughts on “MEETINGS: Collinsville RPM Meeting

  1. Hi Gene,

    Thanks so much for the kind words about St. Louis RPM. We had 550+ attendees this year and it was our best year yet.

    Norm has been coming for three or four years and I always strive to bring in a large O/P48 contingent every year, but participation has not been consistent. Jim Canter is a great ambassador and he brings the layout, which is awesome, and Jim is a lot of fun to be around. I’ll have to tell you guys a few stories sometime.

    We often arrange to have a large O scale layout on the home layout tours and usually there are about 100-200 O/P48 models on display at the convention center. A surprising number of well-known HO modelers are turning to P48, thanks in part to your work on this list. I hope the trend continues to grow.

    I hope to see you in St. Louis next year! I have a clinic slot waiting for you if you can come. Our 2018 dates are 20-21 July and if anyone is interested you can contact me any time at

    Thanks Jim, and great work as always!

    John Golden

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