MODELING: New Product and Modeling Topics


It is summer and all of the heat you would expect only it is only July.  Six days of 105 degrees plus is a bit much even for Northern Cali.  I was going through my photos this morning and found this shot of the Milwaukee Road’s Hiawatha ready to depart for the North. The miserable cold and damp weather seems refreshing today.  The picture has tons of interest to me since as a child I likely rode this to Milwaukee, WI.


Glacier Park Models is currently selling their latest kit for a Cotton Belt 40′ double sheathed boxcar.  The kit is composed of urethane castings for the body parts, custom ABS ladders, various Chooch and San Juan plastic parts.  It is available direct from GPM at $125 plus $14 shipping continental US only.  This is the first in a series of kits planned by Jimmy Booth.

Protocraft offers the decals for this kit.




Lee Turner just completed rework of a pair Key Models ALCO PA-1s.  Key depicted the models in a later configuration with MU plugs high on the nose.  Lee’s client didn’t like the look of these plugs on the wonderful PA nose.  The holes were patched and the paint touched up. The new paint spots are perfect in matching the factory finish.

The Nickle Plate called their PAs the Bluebirds.  These locos replaced the road’s handsome 4-6-4 Hudsons.  I think it was the late George Hilton who referred to the ALCO PAs as honorary steam locomotives.  They were famous for their black cloud produced when the throttle was advanced.   You can learn more about the prototype by visiting the Nickle Plate Historical Society


I had posted several pictures of Jim Zwernemann’s layout and Jon Cagle’s help planting scenery on a corner the railroad.  Jim follow this up with structures, figures and a story.  He created a vignette in an empty corner of the layout.  Looks great but needs some fencing.

Thanks for tuning in.



4 thoughts on “MODELING: New Product and Modeling Topics

  1. Hi Gene,
    That is a COLD photo alright. I’ll still take our TX 100 degrees over that WI 0 degrees!

    I did not spot anything about the GPM boxcar on their web site. Judging from the Protocraft decal shown, the GPM SSW car is the 10′-2″ IH rebuild. True??


    • Charlie
      I think the GPM website hasn’t been touched in months. The SSW is a 10’2″ IH car. That is a unique feature of this wood sheathed prototype.

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