OPINION: Year Four Is in the Books

Please stand by for Year Five!

This past year had a total of 10,016 visitors to my blog.  The visitors clicked over 47,000 pages during their visits.  That is down from the prior year by roughly 50 %.  I keep this trend up I will loose my sponsors (LOL).   In year three, there were a couple postings on Lee Turner’s weathering techniques that scored some huge numbers for you blog.  Finished models and layouts score the best for visitors.  Lee always has nice stuff to share with us.

Thanks for your support during the past year.




16 thoughts on “OPINION: Year Four Is in the Books

  1. Hi Gene
    When I first came to your blog, I made a comment and got no reply. I haven’t tried again.
    I’m not upset, I just thought that you’d like to know that I felt ignored.
    Maybe that’s why your numbers are falling.

  2. Gene it has been a pleasure to follow your blog for the last four years and I look forward to many more.

    Bill Uffelman

  3. While I don’t manage to read all your blog posts, I value what you provide to us in them, and I have kept many on file for future reference. Please keep the great illustrations and thought-provoking pieces coming!

  4. Gene, I have been enjoying your modeling, your work, and very much appreciate your dedication to both. I don’t often comment, but I have been watching. My only regret: that I did not get to meet you personally at St. Louis/Collinsville, as I attended this year. Next RPM, I want to say thanks in person.

    Michael Gross

  5. I’d appreciate some guidance from P:48 modelers on their choice of spikes for handlaying track (codes 100 and 125 in my case). Thanks! I’ve known Gene for quite a few years, and his work has always been an inspiration. Tony Koester

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