OPINION: Six years and it keeps on ticking

Blogging has grown in popularity in the world of electronic communications.   It has replaced the printed newsletter and other forms of traditional sharing.   In the small world of model railroading, one blog stands out above all.  It is Trevor Marshall’s Port Rowan in 1:64.  Trevor just passed a milestone this week of blogging for six years on the subject of his adventure in S scale modeling.


If you haven’t visited his blog you should.  You don’t have to be interested in S scale to enjoy his stories and experiences.  The most important point I have taken away from his musings is that “Less is More”.  Like many of us Trevor has worked in a number of scales including an interest in Proto48.  He managed to select a path of change that allowed for the space available and the prototype of he liked.   Rather than retell his story, I suggest you pay a visit to his very first blog titled “Breaking Marley’s Chains”.   

The blog is well crafted with lots of photos and stories that don’t get bogged down in the step-by-step grind.  Trevor’s professional writing background clearly shines in each posting.

After six years of modeling in 1:64 scale, Trevor still seems to be enjoying the journey.



4 thoughts on “OPINION: Six years and it keeps on ticking

  1. Thank you, Gene for sharing Trevor’s website and work. I take seriously your posts and consider your friends mine as well. Now for browsing Trevor’s blogs…

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