MODELING: Kitbashing a Truck Part 2

Dave Sarther made a good point about the fact that the Revell kits don’t come with “glass” for the windows.  You are left to your own devices.  He elected to try to vacuum form a windshield for the Revell pickup kit.  He formed a wood block to the shape of the screen.  Styrene was pulled over the form to create the basic shape.  The part was trimmed to fit and set in-place.

The more modern wrap-around windshield makes it necessary to do something like this.  The White cab windshield is more or less flat so I didn’t need to take this step.

The bed measures 8′ wide by 19’3″ long. The bulkhead is 52″ high.  The side sill is 5″ thick.

The wheelbase is 18′.  The frame extends out from the cab back wall by 20’2″.

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