MODELING: Junction City, Wisconsin by Robert Lener

Depots built at junctions seem to be common in the Midwest. I have seen pictures of many depots located at crossing of different or the same railroads.  If you look at a map of railroad lines in the 1940 you will see many lines intersect each other.  Some of these crossing hosted depots to serve passengers and shippers.  As a long-time fan of the old Model Railroader magazine, I became familiar with many of these unique depots.  Railroads like the Nickle Plate Road, C&NW, Milwaukee Road, Monon and Soo had many depots at crossings.  The depot shown above was at Jefferson Junction, Wisconsin.  It served two different C&NW lines.  Followers of Paul Larson writings will recognize this depot. Robert Leners  is a huge fan of Larson and built a number of his projects including this depot.

The model was under construction in the above view.  He located his model at a junction much the same way Larson did on his Mineral Point & Northern.


Getting back to Robert’s latest build on the Soo and Milwaukee Road at Junction City, Wisconsin. The model is a work-in-progress story. Robert is using styrene as his principal material. He did a few interesting things to more accurately represent prototype construction. The Soo Line Historical Society sells drawings for Junction City making the build a little simpler.


These two prototype photos were taken by Robert of Lake Junction towards the end of the structure’s life. It was a popular spot for railfans and modelers for many years.



The photos below was taken while the Milwaukee Road still had passenger service in the northern part of Wisconsin.



The model is based upon a set of drawing that Robert purchased from the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society. Armed with these drawings and photos he had taken, Robert dove in.  He decided to use Evergreen lapped siding for the basic walls.  However, the prototype photos show that the window trim was at the same level as the siding.  Robert’s solution was to plank the Evergreen siding.   You can see how the siding butts up against the window trim.  Robert made the window trim following the drawings and photos. I have wondered how to do this in the past and like this approach to building this type of structure.

The above view illustrates the siding in cream and the white space where the window fits in.


I will break the story at this time waiting for more progress to be made.

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One thought on “MODELING: Junction City, Wisconsin by Robert Lener

  1. Gene

    Here are some photos of a depot Renee built for a modeler from Tennessee. It is a model of the L&N depot at Paris TN in the 1940s.

    Ray & Renee Grosser

    1145 Linn Road

    Eubank KY 42567-9579

    (606) 379-6590

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