MODELING: Another Proto48 Blog

This morning I was checking the Word Press Reader and discovered that I have been following an interesting blog on building a New England short line in Proto48.  I guess that I didn’t pay close attention to the content of the Reader.   I spent some time looking at the individual posts and must say that I enjoyed it.  Wayne Slaughter is the author and builder of the Dominion & New England. 

In reading Wayne’s background, I immediately like his approach since he cited the old Model Railroader Magazine track plan for the Iron Ridge and Mayville. Paul Larson created this simple out and back scheme that followed a lesser line of the  Milwaukee Road.  It has been an instant classic and a source of inspiration.  Wayne pointed out that the Iron Ridge and Northern concept of a simple layout design designed for operation dates back to 1955!  Sixty-seven years old and is becoming “in vogue” again.

I noticed that Wayne is using light rail and few if any tie plates.  It is prototypical for the ancient Boston and Maine line he is following.

The Dominion & New England is set in the 1950s with light rail and small locomotives.  Good stuff!

I suggest you check it out and follow Wayne as he builds his empire.




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