MODELING: White COE Tow Truck

Like many model builders, Lee Turner needed a diversion from the day-to-day grind of working through a large number of custom building and painting commissions.  Lee decided to build up this neat little tow truck based upon the Revell White 3000 gas truck. White built a variety of chassis lengths and could tailor to a customer’s requirements.  In this case, the tractor wheelbase was used and the fifth wheel was cut off the frame casting.

As you can see, the model reused the basic chassis and cab.  The wrecker body and boom were scratchbuilt from styrene.  Lee managed to recycle part of the Revell stake bed Chevy for the fend and running board.

The basic model is nice but doesn’t have the WOW factor you come to expect from a Turner creation.  Lee applied the paint, details and lettering to the project and it really popped.

Now this really pops!  It is eye catching for sure.  Imagine this Lil’ Bulldog parked next to the local filling station on your scene.  It will draw the eye into the scene.  The faded red and white color along with subtle weathering is very credible.  Notice the clear spot on the windshield where the wipers pass.  I find the weathering most interesting. It lifts the model above the typical vehicle imported from China.

Tools and supplies further enhance the models realism.  Notice that they are not all rusty like some modelers try to portray.  They are dirty but still in service. I like the peeled paint on the gas can.  Typical of what gasoline will do to painted metal if it is subjected to it for a while.

Lee created a sling style towing attachment.

Thank you Lee for sharing this fantastic little model.  Hopefully, it will get the creative juices flowing.



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