MODELING: More Vehicle Modeling

As the comedian W.C. Fields once said: ” never follow a kid or an animal act” Well, Lee Turner is neither but he receives much more attention. His touch with the overall finish is the best.

I finished up my Tamiya 1942 Ford Fordor Sedan. The Tamiya a first rate accurate scale rendering of a WWII staff car. It turns out that Ford did produce 468,022 cars before switching over to military only on February 10, 1942.

A little detail I tried was to paint the tail light ends with the chrome pen and a touch of the Tamiya Clear Red. I like the effect.

I found that the body fits the frame better if you file the tab on the frame. This will allow the frame to slide back a little further. I found that the rear tires fit in the wheel well better.

One of the features about this era auto is that the post war version were largely the same design except for the grill and maybe some paint choices. It is possible to rebuilt one of this models into a Tudor or a Woody. Mike George did the Tudor conversion and shared it on the Proto48.IO list.

The door length, window post and shape are the differences between the tudor and fordor. It does require some body work but nothing too difficult.

The pillar was moved back and old door seams filled. The shaping of the rear window does require some attention. The model that Mike built is of a 1948 so the grill is new.

The grill bars can be formed out of Evergreen half-round shapes I would guess. The parking lights move to under the headlights.

Mike’s conversion looks very good expands the choice of models in 1/48 scale.

So that will probably will cover vehicle for a while. I have a few more projects in the works like a 32′ Kentucky moving van and post-war Railway Express truck.

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