MODELING: A Tool for Minutia

I came across a few things that I would share with you. First is a somewhat esoteric tool that is probably over the top in terms of worrying about the minutia. I was cruising through the Unique Master Models (UMM-USA) website and found a tool that will punch out tree leaves. Well, tree leaves do have a place in detailing a vignette on your layout.

This is a simple punch that works ok on dry leaves pretty well. The tool just arrived today but after the rain had started. Fortunately, I did find one near the door. The resulting leaves are produced in four different sizes with the smallest being for 1/48. The fall foliage is nearing its peak in color right now. I hope to collect some different leaves to create a bunch of leaves soon.

The resulting leaves aren’t perfect but have possibilities.

UMM offers several different styles of leaf punches. You can get maple (the one I bought), birch, lime and oak punches. They are $14.99 each.


The two shots shown above are the work of Chuck Doan.  He is an accomplished builder of scale models with few peers.  The winch assembly is part of a donkey engine that he building in 1/18 scale.  The model was designed in 3D CAD and printed by Shapeway.

See you next time,





7 thoughts on “MODELING: A Tool for Minutia

  1. Gene, an excellent find. A common tree in my modelling area (Vancouver Island) is the big leaf maple. Typically , the leaves are around 8 inches but range up to a foot. I visited the UMM website but they do not specify the size of the leaves. Could you kindly supply the info?

  2. The leaves will be a great tool in your arsenal for dioramas. Another Chuck Doan piece, incredible! He is my “Hero” modeler and I am constantly trying to hone my skills to try and improve with his work as my inspiration.

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