NEW PRODUCTS: Busy Time of Year

This time of year seems to be busier than the rest of the time.  Decorating and preparations for family and friends visiting consumes the day.  Retirement wasn’t supposed to be this busy.   As you would expect my modeling time is an expendable part of the daily routine.  I have done very little new to show for the time.


Protocraft survived the Wine Country fire this fall.  While Norm’s home and railroad did sustain damage, he was luckier than many in his community.  The state continues to battle wild fires but in the southland.

I wanted to show you two parts that Protocraft has in their extensive line of parts.  The first is a threaded bushing that is designed to be used on wood, plastic or resin cars. The knurled surface will enhance the attachment.  The bushing is threaded for 1-72 shouldered screws that are included.

The second part I am highlighting is a cast brass roping bracket.  Freight cars were often moved at an industrial site with a cable that was attached to a bracket that was at the car bolster.



The roping brackets of this style was commonly used on Southern Pacific single sheathed boxcars.  Other railroads used similar or identical parts on their freight cars.




I have pointed out a typical installation of the bracket on the body bolster of the A-50-6 automobile car.



Here is a closeup of the bracket installed on this  Southern Pacific B-50-13 boxcar. 

Protocraft expects a large shipment from Korea of new models and trucks in the new year.  Stay tuned.



7 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCTS: Busy Time of Year

  1. Thank you. Enjoy whatever year end holiday you choose to embrace.
    There is no such thing as retirement, the “Honey, do” list expands to fill what was thought to be available time

  2. Hi Gene, I assume that the new Protocraft parts are O scale, correct?  They would be useful in HO scale, too.  Do you know if they have any plans to produce them in HO?

    Todd Sullivan

  3. Gene, Thanks for the product tips. Even though they are O scale, i would think that the threaded bushing could come in handy in any scale. Regarding holiday “train time,” I also find it difficult, especially since the Christmas holidays are one of the few times during the year when model trains are a part of the scene. However, I find the holidays to be a time for spiritual renewal, and try to engage in that aspect as much as possible. When Christmas is over, I have renewed energy and enthusiasm for everything, including train modeling, which I consider a gift to be thankful for.
    Phil – Waynesville, OH

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