MODELING: More Information on Doors

In the previous post I covered the Camel and Union Duplex door opening and closing mechanism.  I mentioned Creco hardware but didn’t show an example of it.  Let me do that and also go into an important source of Camel door hardware in 1/4″ scale.

This post-war EJ&E boxcar is equipped with Creco door mechanism on the Superior door.  Creco hardware was applied to Youngstown as well as Superior doors.

Creco hardware was used on some of the Protocraft boxcars produced by Boo Rim.  It was not sold as a separate part(s) however.

Getting back to the Camel hardware and the Chooch Enterprises #215 plastic parts.  I have annotated a picture of the Chooch part sprue showing what the hardware is used for.

The following key corresponds to the annotations on the above picture.

A. Camel Door Roller used with the lever for lifting mechanism marked as “H”

B. Bottom Hangers for door

C. Camel Door Hasp

D. Camel #32 top door door guide

E. Back Stop for door track

F. Camel Door opening and closing mechanism,  The small part on the left is the Closing Arm and the long part on the right is the Door Starter Lever.

G. Door Handles (large and small)

H. Door lifting mechanism. Allows door to move on the track.

I. Camel Door Lock for double door installation.  Used with Door Hasp (C) and a wedge that you will have to make.

J. Routing Board. Located on the lower portion of the door in the center.

K. Door Starter Fulcrum

L.  Mount for Closing Arm (fixed to carbody)

The illustration above shows a typical installation of parts I and C.  The Camel Door Lock is a “Y” shaped piece that holds the wedge to engage the hasp.

The image above shows the hardware installed on double Youngstown doors.

Here is a typical installation of Camel hardware on a Youngstown door.  Photo from Rick Leach collection.

Here is a 1932 ARA boxcar with Creco hardware installed on a Youngstown door.

Hopefully, this post will useful for freight car modelers looking to add details correctly to their models.





2 thoughts on “MODELING: More Information on Doors

  1. Gene, thanks for this update–most appreciated. Only one question remains, at least to this feeble mind. Are parts A and B both lower door rollers but different styles? Type B were used on your CPR minibox. It appears that Type A was employed on the SP boxcar illustrated in the blog (and on photos of the CNR boxcars I am attempting to model).


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