MODELING: Masonry Buildings

In this edition, I will explore a technique for making brick and concrete buildings using a common foam core board you can purchase at an art supply store. I became aware of this approach via Facebook. A fellow named Martin Welberg has a page called Dirty Stuff by Martin Welberg. He is a professional modeler and producer of scenery products range from custom trees to scrubs and bushes. You can purchase the later at Scenic Express

The image above is a tree built by Martin.

He built this wall using a foamboard that the paper layer was carefully peeled off exposing the polyurethane core. The core is different than your run of the mill foam board which uses styrofoam filler. Polyurethane is firmer and will retain impression made on its surface.

In the process of assembling this post I came across a Word Press blog that had a very useful explanation of the use of foamboard to do masonry buildings. I suggest you check out this blog. The photo shown below I lifted from the blog. It shows what it looks like when you peel back the paper cover on the foamboard.

Martin Welberg used a board that is made in Germany. The product name is Kapa and it is produced by a company called 3A Composites. I did a search and could not find a US source. Canson is another supplier of foamboard. They use polystyrene foam in their product.

Individual bricks were painted using MIG primer colors. Different shades of brick color provide some variation. The brick has a well-worn look to it. It should look great for an old structure such as a warehouse.

I was sharing some information on using foamboard to do masonry building with Jim Zwernemann the other day He reminded me of the model he built in 2010 using this technique.  I hope to have new pictures of Jim’s creation shortly.  They will be posted in the next edition.

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