MODELING: Super Bridge

Mike George built this fantastic bridge shown above from styrene.  It is very complete in terms of structural elements.  Looking at Mike’s model gives a course of how a prototype bridge was built the steam era.

The girders literally bristle with rivets.  Each one punched by hand.  It is an incredible task to do it so precisely as Mike has done.

Some may ask why you do this since it can’t be seen.  We do this because it does give one satisfaction of knowing it is all there.

The complete bridge prior to paint ties and weathering.

The completed bridge is most impressive.

The bridge set in place on Mike’s layout is a show-stopper.  The pictures were posted on the Proto48 group on Group.IO.  I took the liberty of posting them here to be able to share with blog followers.

Thanks for looking in.




7 thoughts on “MODELING: Super Bridge

  1. I built a Plastrut bridge a few years ago and added the decal rivets. It cost more to to use the rivets than the bridge cost. $50 for the bridge and about $75 for 4 sets of rivets. Idid look good.


  2. One has to eat less M’D’s Burgers and brew your own coffee ,you be surprised how many things you can buy for our hobby!?

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