MODELING: More Ideas on Steam Loco Weathering

Weathering techniques abound on the web and in the pages of modeling magazines. I wanted to add yet another approach. This technique will focus on weathering steam locomotives. The methods and photos are the work of Jimmy Booth. He is a master at the art of locomotive weathering. He has done over 5400 P-B-L imported steam locomotives. They say that practice makes perfect. His stuff is perfect.

Coal burning steam locos produce all sorts of debris that collected on surfaces like running boards and cab roofs. Jimmy used actual coal ground fine and sifted for size. It was bonded to the model with MIG Ammo Pigment Fixer.

Jimmy Booth has been using oils for a while to weather models. He has started using MIG Ammo Oil Brushers. The colors he used are Flesh,Buff and Dust. The best example of this method is shown below on the tender. Oil paints can be applied like a wash and streaked like water stains. Mineral Spirits and a drop Japan Drier will create some interesting effects as Jimmy illustrates below.

I had previously shown the Oil Brushers used as a weather tool.

Thanks to Jimmy for sharing.



6 thoughts on “MODELING: More Ideas on Steam Loco Weathering

  1. Oils are my first preference for weathering due to the excellent control over their application with mineral spirits.

  2. This is fantastic work. Another skilled and impressive painter is Jeff Lemke. His latest steam locomotive on his web page is incredible in it’s own right. Great article again Gene.

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