MODELING: Update from Jim Zwernemann

It has been a while since Jim Zwernemann has shared his recent projects. He manages to find time to build some very interesting models.

Looks like to business climate in Central Texas is judging from the new stores on Jim’s layout. Left to right, the first building is an old Yorke plaster kit that was gifted. It was built for a piece of sloping ground. Jim had to saw off the foundation and add a sign. The antique store is a kit done by W.K. Burney and was a favorite pastime of Jim and his wife. The Blalock BBQ is named after his lifelong friend, Bruce Blalock. Bruce introduced me to Texas BBQ back in 1980 while I was visiting in Houston. The place we went to was pretty basic and well worn. It looked like there was grease running down the front windows. Jim’s rendition is in need of some grease. Bruce and Jim get together and share some tasty meats nearly every week. Nearly every town has a “joint” serving up respectable brisket, hot links and ribs. The choice of colors really does make a strong impression when examining Jim’s work.

This boxcar started out as a Chooch Ultra Scale II kit for Canadian Pacific Dominion (Fowler) boxcar. Jim rebuilt the kit and finished it for a friend. It was changed to a Canadian National version of the same 36′ boxcar design. I have seen these cars referred to as Fowler Patent cars. While they had many similar features, these Dominion Car Company design did not follow the original patent. The differences are small.

This photo illustrates the amount of changes made to the kit. The underframe was not changed very much. These kits are very rare and date back probably 20 years now.

By the way, have you tried the Tamiya Super Fine primer in a rattle can? This is a fantastic product and once set is pretty durable. You can see the spray can supporting the model.

Another project on the workbench is this Alton Road war emergency boxcar. The car is scratchbuilt mostly from styrene with the exception of the urethane ends. They are copies of an old Clouser epoxy casting. It is a very nicely executed 10’6″ interior height end. Bill Clouser was an amazingly talented model maker.

The model is not complete. You can see an Intermountain roof and part of a Youngstown door. The car was built with a Champion Peacock hand brake. Amazingly, the old Atlas Roco boxcars came with this rare unit.

As you can see in this closeup, the Clouser was a real gem. He manage to capture the shapes of the large and small wales. It was remarkable to think it was done by hand long before 3D CAD and printers.

The underframe is shown on the Mainline Modeler plan used for the build. The trucks and couplers are from Protocraft.

Thank you Jim for sharing your work.



7 thoughts on “MODELING: Update from Jim Zwernemann

  1. Gean the antique is one of my kits. It’s good to see some one put one together but it was made my WK Burney Scale Models which is yours truly

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